The area that is today Chandigarh was home to several settlements of Indus valley civilisation. It was also the site of a short-lived late 18th century principality, with a small fort at Mani Majra. As part of the partition of India in 1947, the former British province of Punjab was divided into two, mostly Sikh and Hindu East Punjab in India and mostly Muslim West Punjab in Pakistan. The capital of undivided Punjab, Lahore, had become part of Pakistan after the partition. Instead of shifting the capital to an already existing and established city, Mangal World Chandigarh best free classified ads for personal service, Female Escort, Male Escort, Adult Meetings, Transsexual Escort, Massages & Spa, Strippers Escort, Phone & Cam sex Escort, erotic, Travel girl escort and more near your location safe and free.

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